Pacific Venting Solutions is proud to serve contractors, engineers and building owners and managers throughout California and Hawaii. We are part of US Venting Solutions, which includes east and west coast locations as well as United Energy Products, a leading HVAC manufacturer rep firm that has supported commercial and industrial customers since 1984.  

Core Values

More than words on a wall, our core values are cornerstones of our company culture. These values are not aspirational, they are who we are, clarifying our identity and setting us apart from our competition. We hire, fire and promote based on adherence to our core values:

Strong Work Ethic

Trusted Subject Matter Expert

Exceptional Quality of Work

Dependable Team Player

The Three Uniques™

1. No Single Point of Failure

National Company – Strong support from experienced team-based venting professionals

2. We're the Flue and Exhaust Venting Experts

Depth and Breadth of Experience – Installation, design, manufacturer’s sales rep, and project management of venting solutions

3. An Inch Wide and a Mile Deep

Sole Focus – Mastery as a Subject Matter Expert

Coast-to-coast engineered flue system provider

Our process sets us apart, just as much as our people.

Every step at Pacific Venting Solutions is guided by policies and procedures that we have honed over decades of dedication to superior customer service:


Our in-house engineers provide system design and specification assistance.


Timely and Precise — Our dedicated estimating team bids over 1,600 jobs nationwide each year.


We rapidly turn around submittals and walk you through the process.


Our experienced Project Managers work with you to coordinate drawings to create and manage custom designs to fit the given site conditions.


We work to make sure your material arrives intact, on-time and as specified. Detailed installation instructions and drawings are provided at time of material delivery.